David Pacheco

Product designer based in San Francisco.

Design director at
Elephant, working mainly with Apple.



iOS, macOS and Web

For the last six years, I've been collaborating with Apple and leading Elephant design team on multiple projects, from iOS and macOS applications to web platforms across different businesses.

The nature of the work is confidential, but if you want to learn more about this experience, feel free to reach out.




Elephant partnered with the Twitch team to bring their new branding to their community and the world. I was responsible for leading the design team at Elephant to create a brand story website.

The new Twitch brand communicated that the company is “growing up but not growing old.” So the experience had to bring that idea to life in a distinctly Twitch way.


Content Structure

One of the main challenges on this project was structuring the content so that Twitch would tell this story. Since Twitch is that “beautiful mess,” we wanted to stay away from the most logical way to organize its content (fonts, colors, logos, etc.). So instead, we tried to create a structure divided by four main sessions, driven by the strategy behind the rebrand.

01. Manifesto
02. Core elements
03. Elements created for the community
04. Everything coming together




The homeownership investment company Unison commissioned Elephant to redesign its website.

We ultimately helped to shape and develop a new vision for their entire digital product experience. We also created a flexible design system that enabled Unison’s design team to continue scaling this experience with new features and services in the future, driven by a high degree of collaboration between Elephant’s design and engineering teams and Unison’s engineering and product owners.


Introducing Unison

The whole suite of financial products offered by Unison is unique in the marketplace, and there weren’t many references in the industry, so it was an exciting challenge to figure out how to explain that to the customer. Solving this challenge required closer collaboration with the Unison product owners, who were instrumental in helping us understand how the whole thing works.

Unlike physical products, financial services are tricky to emotionalize and explain; the challenge was to make it feel delightful. To translate it to the world, we designed many modules and features focused on product education and social proof such as calculators, testimonials, real people photography, illustrative infographics, etc.


Product Pages

Unison offers two different products. To explain this story and how each of them works, we decided to structure the product pages around user cases we identified as the primary users of the service. For example, for HomeBuyers, we created two pages (for the same product), “Buy your first home” and “Buy your dream home.” Both pages used the same template, and we mainly changed the content to adapt the story for users in different moments of their lives.

We followed the same approach for the HomeOwner product, where we created a page for users who have a home and need to “Pay off debt” and another for someone who wants to “Renovate their home.”


Cisco Webex


Elephant steered Cisco through a rebranding effort of the company’s collaboration software and hardware by designing a new web experience that elevated the offerings and unified the product portfolio.


Webex Suite

We had to develop an elevated web experience that repositioned Webex as a suite of products, combining the Cisco Spark and Webex product lines (originally two different entities) while also adding their devices and other offerings to the suite.

To accommodate the change, we had to rethink their site structure. We learned most of the access goes directly to the product page, so we repurposed the homepage by introducing the new suite of products and why companies use Webex.

For the product pages, we kept all the features and benefits very succinct with an option to expand if users wanted to learn more details.


New Design System

We designed a simplified experience with a new design system that articulates Cisco’s ability to create secure and seamless collaboration through hardware and software offerings.



Pitches & Ideas

Here’s a collection of concepts, ideas, and prototypes for multiple pitches, projects, and clients I worked with in the past years.


Movistar: Website


Movistar: Mobile app


Movistar: In-store surface table concept.


Fiat: Live prototyping experiment in-store.


Fiat: Film for a buying journey experience.